Hiki kimomo ni daughter ya mdosi mgani?

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Kwa hivyo nyiyi wote hamjui ni daughter ya nani?
By the way if a woman hits you and reminds you who her father is and has people protecting her from her violent self,dump her!
Mwanamke yeyote who raises their hand at you whether in drunkenness or soberness,hakuheshimu.Simple as,and if a woman has no respect for you,you owe it to yourself,your dignity and your friends and relatives to leave her.
There are fewer things in life that are more heartbreaking to your relatives than for them to know that you are in a violent relationship or for them to think that your self esteem has been crushed so hard that you don`t value yourself anymore.
Walk,run or fly;Whatever you do,get away from that Bitch!
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@aviator ,me and you are in agreement that we don`t like each other.Please ignore anything i post as i ignore anything i see with that ridiculous avator of yours.
That way i don`t run the risk of reading your annoying self opinionated shyte.
Relax ka-donkey aka ka-ass. Its never serious boss.
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