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HIV Test


Village Elder
So I tell guys to follow their instincts when things cannot be explained.

So juzi my wife decided to go through our house help things. She finds a HIV test report. Ati HIV status non reactive. What does that mean?
True, alete hekaya. ni kama alichapa vitu
The guy alichapa vitu from his first statement, eti 'i tell guys follow your instincts' who was he telling? What his instincts have to do with a mboch? Why is his instincts about sexual transmitted disease not to his wife but nanny.
Boss, mboch hana ukimwi but be safe hizi tabia za aibu kidogokidogo acha nayo


Village Elder
Back in the day before tupewe GC. Don't know if they still do it anymore after the Obama admin. Wacha had to go for the test. It so happened to be on a Thursday and you would come for the results the next day, after 24 hours. According to the instructions, if you were -ve the envelope would be sealed and take it to the immigration processing.

So did the test and went back on Friday. That was the longest 24 hours, so I thought. Friday morning mimi huyo after saying a thousand Hail Mary's. Got to the facility, they said that the results were not ready due to a hitch with the designated labs so I would need to come back on Monday.

My fren. Don't we always wish for a long weekend when Friday hits. That was the longest weekend I ever endured. Kupigia ma ex kuwa cheki hali. Some were thrilled that I was finally coming around and coming back home. Unbeknownest to them the motive of the call. Kusema a torturous weekend would be an understatement.

Monday couldn't come quicker. Jumped in the car. The traffic. All the lights I hit driving there were red. This was not akin to walking the Green Mile. It was driving the thousand Red Miles. Kufika huko. The receptionist then tells me I had to wait close to hour an half.

The instructions said. That if one was -ve it would be in a sealed blue envelope.

The same receptionist I had seen on that Friday handed me the sealed blue envelope with a smile. The longest weekend I ever endured. :D Be careful what you wish for ukitaka long weekends.