Hoes aint loyal: Kiambu murder Suspect's Girlfriend Turns Into State Witness

:D:D:D Its just womens nature, they can't love you for you...they just love the love. Flawed by design.

Nilikua nimeandika the thread below on mpango wa kandos having affairs with married men, conspiring to kill the man's wife(together with the man) alafu wanatestify against the same man akishikwa on murder charges. Once you learn their ways, life becomes very easy



Hapa hakuna woman's nature. Mwache upuzi. Si ati she's not loyal. Sasa mlitaka anyamazie murder ya 5 people. Sometimes Huwa mko na upuzi mingi sana.
Bana ndo ata mi nashangaa. Kwani this fuckers are looking for what type of women?? No wonder majority of them are always fapping or looking for prostitutes. How the f**k does a nigga kill 5 peoole and they still expect the woman to have that nigga's back?? Ktalk bs is really going into people's brains


And yet she was quiet during the planning...
The period during which snitching would have saved them...
Kijana kuna vitu mob mtu husemanga watu wanachukulia kama jokes. For instance, 4 years ago I told my workmates that their single month's salary will be what I'll be paying for rent. I also told one of my enemies that I'll f**k his wife. Si walichukulia tu kimchezo. Na saa hii?? In short there are things that you can't take serious when a person say it.