Hon. Kabogo did what?

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Looking at page 19 of Today's Nation I have concluded that this guy smokes something much stronger than an Embassy Cigarette. I have quoted these two paragraphs:

'Mr Kabogo said he took documents which would have seen President Kenyatta unknowingly enter into a coalition agreement with Narc from Ms Ngilu’s handbag without her knowledge'

Handbag?? You crazy?

'Mr Kabogo said he also saved the coalition from surrendering power to Mr Mudavadi. “I sneaked in Mudavadi’s compound in a lorry and stayed there for 18 hours and to spoil everything,” Mr Kabogo said.'

This guy is either Mathare bound or Ex-Mathare.


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He is of very sound mind...He is not very popular in Kiambu right now...trying to endear himself to the electorate by being sensational.....pure politics...
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