Honda Accord or Toyota Camry


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Vipi wadau, any leads where I can find one of these two vehicles locally, naskia they last longer i.e. over 500k miles and I need one so I can drive it forever


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I'm afraid of both, especially if they're already old.
Its easier to operate these new plastics, fuel efficiency and availability of parts.
With good maintainance, you're easily looking at 10years of use.


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Why not m102 engine?
Any Benz engine is as good as it is, the rest is up to the handler (person behind the wheels) whether M102, 109 or 111. In the M series the best engine ever made was the M119. M119 you can get over 900bhp and 700lbft, twin twinscroll K27 turbos, and ECU control more advanced than 99% of tuned road cars have almost 30 years later.