House to let-1broom


Village Elder
hello talkers,am looking for a 1broom house to let where i can easily access the CBD.
Budget maximum of 10K
A place where security is good.


Village Sponsor
Did you ever find/buy the YouTube channel?
Cheki hapo juu. Toa security na hakuna mahali hautapata. Tried athi? Or fedha?


Village Chief
I have a vacant one bedroom but the asking price is 14k and since you are a talker you are ineligible since you will blow my cover. Excellent location.


Village Elder
Choose ONE
a) Cheap(10k) 1br house without security e.g eastleigh sec 3/kiambiu, pango/mlango kubwa, huruma, jogoo road
b) Expensive 1br house in a secure area. e.g westlands, kilimani, parklands, Muthaiga,
How much is the rent per month in those places you have said are expensive?