How Anyone Can Start Online Business?


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:D:D you people are very cruel. Help the man now. :D
Online depends on items. Most online businesses naona saa hii ni facebook and instagram based. E-commerce websites are hard to break in watu wamependa Jumia na Kilimall sana.

Wenye naona wanafanya vizuri wanauza on social media. Home decor is becoming a big market. One guy on facebook has very unique items. Ubaya niko siberia huko otherwise I would have sent a link.

Sell a unique product. Push alot of marketing and I think you'll do decently. Uzuri siku hizi ukilipia promotions on facebook its cross platform hadi instagram.

Twitter pia sio mbaya especially when you mention all the trending tags. Maybe have a bit which posts every three hours and like every half hour from midnight to dawn time twitter haina watu wengi online that way you can be a too result.

This is just an outsiders view juu mimi duka niko nayo ni kwa ndoto tu. Anyway.


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Hii ndio ubaya ya waafrika & that's why nugus we will never rise.
You're focusing on the minor issues. Grammatical error?? Don't tell me its on a light note for trolls only.

This is what happens in company's boardrooms focusing on grammar and formats of tenders and application letters.
never signed a critical legal document, have you??