How are You? I need free help

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Needless to say, I'm new here. Well, I've familiarized myself a bit with what you do here. I see fun, hatred, insults, and some rare bits of love. Definitely, you'll find the most abusive seat and one of you will master up to post it here first. First, whoever is planning to do that, you're welcome and thanks a bunch in advance.

Anyway, for those who're seriously willing to help, I'll appreciate. For almost a year, I've been working in insurance. Good. Problem is I'm required to start working as a senior team member coming Monday. I didn't have problems with the previous status as it allowed me to work alone in my own space.
I am an introvert, but extroverted to some extent. I love being around people but I can't stand some things people like talking about. I'm not able to have conversations about temperature and the like. I can't stand small talks. I still love being alone and I'm most productive when working alone. And I love that I'm an introvert (extroverted one).
Now, I can't change. From Monday, I'm expected to work and hold discussions with people from morning to evening. Believe me, I can't. I'm sure there are some introverts who can relate to my situation. This coming Monday is the most frightening Monday I'll ever have. Should I just turn down the offer and propose that I remain in my previous post or will I make it alive this coming week? Is there any medication that changes one from being an introvert to an extro immediately? I'm not so sure if I want that. Is there any other introvert who has successfully conquered such moments?

Uyo jamaaa wa kiti ako wapi?Nimechoka kusimama 0faa152e537b3574bc40d3ee76ebe7b7-650x591.jpg
"Is there any medication that changes one from being an introvert to an extro immediately?"

Amazing Sir! You can manage to drink alcohol or be under the influence for 8 hours and manage to work throughout that duration? seems like hata kuna abilities sina watu wako nazo
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