How did your upbringing affect your current life?

Wadau, reflecting on your life, how did your upbringing affect who you are now, the choices you make and how you do what you do? The pleasures you pursue and amount of effort put in them? How you relate with people and so on?

Example mimi: mzae alitupeleka sightseeing sana-rivers, forests and waterfalls.
Madhe zake zilikuwa impromptu visits to friends and relatives. A family friend would take us and his sons for train rides.
I never saw my folks fight. Obedience and respect was the order of the day........
Consequently, I'm peace loving and calm, conflict-avoiding, courteous and kind (I try to be). I feel uncomfortable if I'm not helping with chores, anywhere. I love road and train trips, and spontaneous expeditions. But also, growing up in different places means relationships ni noma.

Environments and conditions (socio-cultural, physical and economic) in which we are born and raised affects how we turn out in life.

A kid raised in the poorest of conditions, but with a loving and protective family easily turns out highly functional, and able to exploit available opportunities to "make it" and help their ilk grow. Kule family time and bonding was valued, these guys wanapendana sana, despite disagreements.
Mtu amelelewa na pesa na high social class, access to anything they want and desire, but with poor connectedness in the family, poor value system and relationships, lack of emotional, social and mental care and compassion, turns out to be the opposite-simply dysfunctional.

Bado kuna wale despite the environment and upbringing, their personal characteristics na genetics determine where they fall-either functional or dysfunctional. This is not about success


Village Elder
As an Arab, I grew up seeing them now all I do is win
You grew up feeling like an outcast because you're a nyeuthi Somali and not an Arab.
All your relatives were running away from a wartorn country, and you're probably a refugee.
That caused you to be confused and have a low self-esteem.
You wondered why Somalia was a failed state and why Somalis lived like filthy animals.

Then it hit you; "What if I was an Arab?".

Finally, you lied to your conscious a million times that you're an Arab and you developed an imposter syndrome to hide your shortcomings.

Just because you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, it doesn't make it true.
As an Arab, I grew up seeing them now all I do is win
Your kind is always angry because you don't fit in anywhere. The whites reject you for they classify you as other blacks and you don't feel you belong with the blacks so you are trapped in the middle. Your kind is extremely aggressive in everything and that's why beheading a person is nothing to your kind. That anger is because you cannot pierce the dreariness of being stuck in the middle.
And then you make it worse by marrying your cousins quadrupling the explosive temper in your children.

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
What determines your future . Nature or nurture
Both,what you perceive as goal pushes you to it,maybe your circle of friends,learning from accomplished individuals. Some people are hotwired by their parents to strive like them. I had a friend who ended up in engineering from a law graduate that his father wanted,he now earns bazillions more than his dad,and well established.....still has his law degree on the wall. I say both since i know people who are street smart through exposure and life experiences with hands off parents