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  1. wyckysise

    wyckysise Villager

    1. They can stream livex content.
    2. They can browse the internet
    3. Can record live and on demand programs
    4. Hd
  2. Sogomba Sadamkale

    Sogomba Sadamkale Village Elder

    You don't have one and your penis is small.
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  3. papabingy

    papabingy Village Elder

    What I don't get is the uhd/4k tvs.. Where is the 4k content to download and how large will those files be....... at least for 3d which I have btw, I get my content from yts (2-2.5gb thereof) though I don't like donning the glasses
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  4. Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes Village Elder

    The self-proclaimed most published Talker @Bingwa Scrotum once said a man has nothing to do with "feel". Going by that we bailout and leave pink handles to answer. You are also advised to hand in your mancard at my desk. Pronto!
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  5. grandpa

    grandpa Village Elder

    I have a 4K tv and I couldn't be any happier.

    If you have a Netflix or any other content streaming site subscription you would be very happy.

    I also spend most times on YouTube and most of the YouTubers I am subscribed to publish their content in 4k as well.

    If you have a gaming console that supports 4k video streaming, you are also in for a treat.

    I use zuku 30mbps package and it streams 4k video with no buffering from both YouTube and Netflix
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  6. crasher_18

    crasher_18 Village Elder

    Smart tvs are overrated...
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  7. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    One of these days I'll require evidence of your braggadocio at 20 yrs

    Sawa brownskin aka mcoondo random
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  8. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    I can vouch for him there's no need for evidence. From now on, just be jealous on the sidelines.
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  9. slevyn

    slevyn Village Elder

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  10. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    Sawa Waiganjo mwitu
    Waiganjo kah tony = @grandMa
  11. Lucky_Luciano

    Lucky_Luciano Village Elder

    huyu ni ule wa range rover cooker na fridge ikona turbo?
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  12. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

    Mbicha muhimu .........minimum requirement kwa kijiji....ata kama ni ya maybach vitz
  13. crasher_18

    crasher_18 Village Elder

    Dinosaur yangu Sony 40S400A, still in tiptop condition...

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  14. coldpilsner

    coldpilsner Village Elder

    Get a good fta satellite and enjoy these hd tvs, dstv na local pay tv hawa offer quality stuff in hd....
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  15. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

  16. crasher_18

    crasher_18 Village Elder

    quality stuff ndiyo gani?
  17. sludgist

    sludgist Village Elder

  18. grandpa

    grandpa Village Elder

    Niko 21 kama 'I gat a masters at 21' :D:D:D
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  19. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    Wewe una miaka ngapi tuanze hapo? Alafu tupime na size ya tv...yangu ni 52" na miaka ni nusu ya size ya tv. Ukitaka evidence sema.
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  20. grandpa

    grandpa Village Elder

    Nawatch hapa MKBHD polepole

    IMG_20170907_234004.jpg IMG_20170907_234002.jpg

    Ndio hawa zuku nao na zitisho

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