How do you personally blow off steam?

Azor Ahai

Village Elder
Some people:
- Drink
- Hit the gym
- Go biking at Karura, swim etc (exercise)
- Travel
- Have a movie marathon
- Play video games etc
- Have sex

For those of you who work in high-pressure careers, how do you blow off steam to get rejuvenated??


Village Elder
Wewe huenda base ya mogoka?? I once saw a former schoolmate kwa base ya jaba nikaona nimsalimie and the stories there ni uongo 100%. Kuna jamaa aliexplain how Israel can beat the USA ungedhani ni mossad agent :D
Mi huingia Ktalk. Can't recall the last time I went to a base.......

Mrs Shosho

Nice to see you are into cardio. Mimi ni treadmill na running half marathons sometimes. I value endurance over strength
I do love my cardio...I don't like spending time in the the quicker I get my fill am out. Lakini I landed on the treadmill like a sack of potatos last year, got a fracture currently just swimming...