How Do You Unsubscribe From Safaricon Daily Data Bundle Service???

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Everytime I load credit on my phone Kshs.40 is deducted automatically,I've tried unsubscribing a countless times but no success,how exactly do I do it. Anybody reading this that works for Safaricon f**k your company and your boss for stealing from poor Kenyans like us.

Screenshot_2015-03-11-09-22-36.png Screenshot_2015-03-11-00-52-32.png
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just as u subscribed to tht bundle follow the same steps till u see unsubscribe bt uta finya option 98:see more mara mingi sana


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ati technical error, hio ni ukora, mbona hakunanga technical error when you try to subscribe.? they want to make it hard to exit.
Walai that is out right theft. Just imagine how many more have the same error? Aki I just wish airtel had a way to out do the mpsea service coz it's the only thing that keeps guys in "suffer-i-con"
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