How I made my first BILLION !!!!


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Wengine mna celebrate your first 200k or first million meanwhile Bundotich hapa anaongea kuhusu his first billion in his 30s!!

Lakini story ya huyu jamaa (like many other Kenyan mbirrioneas) imejaa question marks...

There's the story he is spinning in this lengthy video below but what is the true story behind the story? @Meria Mata huyu ni wa kwenu hapo coast. Maybe you might have heard something while transporting his clinker...

In my view mimi naona labda ni cuzo ya William Ruto. Ama hata brother yake. Wanafanana ki plani. Inaweza kuwa Ruto amemweka pale Coast to handle his milk and cement business.

Yaani the guy has a whole ship bringing just his commodity, cement clinker... na mjamaa hajagonga hata 50... na nimeona kwa comments wakisema ni form four leaver, while he himself claims to hold "SALES & MARKETING" degrees from the American University and CAMBRIDGE... :D:D:D:D

Alisoma saa ngapi ng'ambo while still hawking milk and making billions in Mombasa?

Does American University even have a degree in Sales and Marketing?! :D:D:D:D

Anyway here is the interview :



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you're obsessed with william. get checked.

Who else does his mouth like this above? :D:D

This is Kenya my fren. Our fathers love to spread the seed. :D:D

Even Kibaki has a second family pushing other lines of family business. And they deny like a motherfucker.

And I'm not the first to think like this, as this article below shows. It was rumoured that Ruto is behind Buzeki empire and Bundotich even went to Milele FM to try and clear the air on that matter. Akasema it's only him and his sister Diana who are shareholders... :D:D:D

His brother is not a shareholder...:D:D:D