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How Lawrence Warunge tricked his gf Muthoni

Lawrence Warunge tried to murder his family with carbon monoxide thrice unsuccessfully. He then tried to make his girlfriend Muthoni smoke bhangi and drink alcohol so that she could blackout and give him an alibi while he was on his killing spree but she refused. Muthoni will have all charges dropped as she's becoming a State witness against Mr. Warunge. Muthoni said that Waruge promised her a good life if she helped him but she declined to join him in the mission to kill his family. She says she helped him get rid of the evidence out of fears that he would kill her if she did not cooperate. Detectives say that there's no incriminating evidence against Muthoni, 23,an egg hawker at Biafra Thika besides the 9 inch knife she purchased. The man who rented the couple a room said that he had known Muthoni since childhood and she had a good character. Meanwhile Mr. Warunge had visited Uhuru Park and Holy Family Basilica on the fateful day, he had bought a wig, a doll and women's shoes. After the murders, he ate food his mother had cooked, watched TV and slept in his father's bed upto 4am when he left the scene of crime.
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The neighbor Mr. Njiiri a brother to the slain US based nurse who has had 2 attempts on his life claims he heard nothing and hadn't seen his brother from when he jetted in on December 4th. Very suspish.
I am sitting it out till the end. This is the heart of Kiambu we are talking about. If she is totally innocent hmmmmmmm. And I said the answers lie with the close family members and local villagers.
How comes the brother who was less than 200 meters away from the scene of crime heard nothing.

This case will expose alot of nasty things. Already police negligence is clearly visible. Several unsolved murders among the extended family, the body of the murdered Mason was picked while the boy was still in the parents house and police never bothered to check if occupants of the main house were OK, they just assumed that they were asleep. Who does that?