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How many of you were strange kids?? 1. Perception of Time 2. Perception of God.

Club kiherehere, I am not interested in your smart ass bullsh1t, and the countervailing response I deal to such is consistent with that sentiment. Hii ni wrong number for that BS.

If you are looking for entertainment, there is non here. Further down you will read silly-sounding information, which serves a very salient purpose, as a thought experiment, for those not taken to extreme superficiality in thought.

The childhood phases I am about to describe will likely appear more relevant to those growing up in the 80s and probably lower parts of the 90s. Perceptions of those under 20 are probably so vastly different, not the least as a result of an upsurge in technology and 24/7 media outlets, as to be irrelevant, to some of the strange observations I had growing up. Put briefly, anyone who knew about, and did in fact watch VOK in the Pre-KBC era, then this is perhaps more relevant to you.

Perception of time when I was very young was interesting, in the sense that, whenever I woke up late in the afternoon, and not long before sunset, I often failed to disambiguate morning from evening, and thus , I would get surprised after waking up in the morning, just for it to instantly reach night time, not realizing it was an "afternoon nap"!! I am referring to phenomena affecting up to 5 year olds. This extends to just very few experiences that indelibly etched in my mind, as the occurrences played out.
A second one, that actually was the main reason I wrote this down, was my perception of God back then. Here is how I perceived God; A Shade of white more consistent with sun burnt, a brig mwanya, a huge goatee, a big belly so the shirt could barely fit, and a "Mkorino like headgear". This illusion was most closely associated with that orange flaming orb that typifies sunset with that beautiful reddish/orange-ish coloration on the horizon. I never did get my answer until today; my imagination was a function of "Santa Clause" on the Christmas cards in circulation.

During childhood, the time was seemingly moving, infinitely slower than it does feel nowadays, because, people used to go to sleep after 11 or so, and there was nothing on TV until the next "evening" if it were a week day, or "lunch time" if it were a weekend, something that would terribly shock anyone who is less than about 18 today! The contracted time scale was such that, a day felt so activity filled, and we were more in touch with mother nature , and kids actually played hard outside, and broke all their bones too; instead of motherboards and monitors! I am always shocked at how "forever" it sounded like, to defile some English, the duration between Standard 1 and Form 4, compared to the 12 years that subsequently followed, which seemed to elapse about 5 times quicker!

Finally, and especially watu wa 40s kuelekea 50 you might be able to crack this one open fast; well, if you bothered to tune in to the 90's era "You Tube---actualized through Fred Obachi Machoka In Music Time". See if you can identify the song with the following snippet;
"Urefu wake ni futi sita ukimuona ripoti kituoni iliyo karibu. Mara ya mwisho nilipomwona alikuwa amevalia nguo ya kijani kibichi na kikooi..............."
OK Shoot.

So what kind of anomalies in reasoning can you pin point from your own childhood?
I used to think that sex happened through the belly button
Hahaha...speaking of which...I remember when I was in class 1 I asked my big bro where kids came from .....so he had tried as best he could to steer around it while vaguely describing it....but I wasn't buying it even though I didn't know the truth and you know...I remember too I though the babies literally came out of the stomach...not specificatlly belly button but just the stomach somehow.........he must have been....na hawa watoto was siku hizi ni nini na hao? hahahaahahaha......
Its a funny age those 5 to 7 year old days....I was arguing with one neighbor VERY VEHEMENTLY that the Easter tales of "crucifixion" were real, and not acting....and I never eased off....it must have amused whoever I was insisting upon that too....hahaha...
I used to also wonder what the age of Santa was, because he seemed to have been around forever, and appeared not to ever age, get younger, or die....