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How many petitions thrown out so far? Now you will loose count!


Village Sponsor
We won every seat from Eastleigh to NEP. The Kenyan/Somali community got tired of RAT money extortions. Cash for nomination certificates, cash for his every visit in the region and demands for cash when he travels abroad. Yet nothing is ever given back to the community. Not a single projects, fundraising or harambee will ever get a cent contribution from him. Meanwhile Jubilee is launching projects in every county, contributing in every harambee, fundraising and cry for help. Lastly that violent riots to oust Hassan at IEBC turned to a tribal attack for the community. (Wasomali warudi Somali) well that was the last straw. They left opposition enmass.


Village Chief
Fools losing money day after day in the pursuit of imagined popularity. Voters decided, and judges know it. Only Nyanza could surprise us because their electoral crimes are so blatant right from the day they buy their certificates from Baba.