How men are resolving the dead beat issue

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I, __________________________, the undersigned female partner, about to enjoy an intimate relationship with ______________, certify as follows :

1. THAT I am above the lawful age of consent.
2. THAT I am not under the influence of any narcotic. N(s).
3. THAT the aforementioned partner did not use any force, threats, coercion or promises to influence me.
4. THAT I am in no fear of him whatsoever.
5. THAT I do not expect or wish to marry him.
6. THAT I do not know if he is married or not and I do not care.
7. THAT I am neither asleep nor drunk.
8. THAT I am entering this relationship with him; because I love it and want it as much as he does.
9. THAT in the event that I receive my share, which I expect, declare in advance, the capacity and willingness for further participation as soon
as time permits.
10. THAT I will not act as a witness against him nor will I file charges against him in the event that :

a) I contract a sexual disease,
B) I become pregnant,
c) I feel that he is violating any legislation - moral, legal or

11. THAT arbitration will not be held on the social media courts.

__________ DAY OF (MONTH) ___________________ (YEAR) ___________ AT_________________

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