how people are dealin with fake landis

Tom Bayeye

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Watu huchezea Mali ya wenyewe.
any damages repaired and repainting done, all at your cost.
years back vacating a house,i repainted and put fixtures which i felt i might be charged due to wear and tear(some were extra like wall tiles in kitchen ,bath and balcony,water and electrical fixtures........proper ones sio za shaina) ,on asking for my depo,the woman claimed that i used wrong shade of colour (mind you, i bought from the caretaker's "stock"),that the fixtures were to expensive for the next tenant to be paying same rent as others so she will have to remove them at my cost,meaning depo itakunywa supu baridi.Now, tell me sir, wouldn't two bags of cement make me smile? wenye nyumba wako na tamaa time ya mtu akitaka kuhama.i always tell my friends wakihamia nyumba ya kukodisha wapige picha kila kitu from keys to bulb holders,attatch mbisha to the agreement,get lawyer involved and save yourself the hustle ya kupigania depo.Landlords ni meffi tu,lawyers will cut them down to size.Mimi pia apan tambua upuss,pesa si ya mama yake


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Nairobi ni ndogo, ndogo sana aisee....though i wouldn't refuse with your deposit unless ume-damage.
So you shouldn't be worried of this thread.
Just a question, do you have contracts and agreements when renting out and do you uphold your end of the contract?
Yaani nauliza kama wewe ni muaminifu?
I know some rough people that will harm you really badly if you pull such shit. Hakuna haja ya kucheza Russian roulette with your life juu ya 15k. Remember for every action there's a reaction, As you're reacting to your deposit being held back just know the landlord will also react to your criminal damage of pouring cement on a drainage system.

Kwanza if it's a residential flats you could be done with criminal charges for directly causing a risk to the public health and safety of other tenants.


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Yangu ukiweka simiti, natumia rent yote ya hiyo block utafutwe na ATPU. Then wewe na family yako mnagaramia repair including cash spent on apprehending you. Apana tambua ufala.
You hknow its impossible to tell where the cement came from once it enters the drains, right??