How racism and sexism work and other isms

Kindly notice the similarity of the methodology used and those of hate groups and supremacist groups like Aryan Nation, KU Klux Klan, The Nazis, MRM - Male supremacy groups The MGTOWs and Red Pit. Just see the transformation after going through the 'treatment' on both the side that was demeaned and put down and on the one given preferential treatment or higher status. Look at how fast it works too so imagine how much effect this has over a period of centuries. This woman who came up with this social experiment is a freaking genius. Create a pink handle and a blue handle. Go in and become argumentative with the blue handle, no body will reprimand you and even those who disagree will do so respectfully. Do this using same exact words in a pink handle. You will be called a bitch, sexually frustrated, who let you out the kitchen, you will be insulted based on your gender umama or your looks or your age. When you see it from a social experiment point of view. It's pretty amusing but like this is really what happens IRL.

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