How Silent Is a Flying Owl?


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Actually this is real scientific work we learn from nature to make our aircrafts fly noislessly as possible. .in future a/cs will be noiseless as the owl, adv stealth during wars and in normal life less disturbance in terms of noise levels e.i decibles.


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its on bloody youtube,know when to CSI ,don't be a retard
He already accepted that he got it from Reddit. See above.
It is very difficult to come across such a video unless you are a zoologist.
Anyway, you do realize that reddit accepts Youtube videos like the one embedded on the reddit post I made, right?
your point being? let me tell you how it works in this here village ,A guy posts a picture and claims it's his,it could be something as innocent as a cockroach wearing a beret singing cotton picking slave song or a slay queen from muchatha,villagers can't take that nonesense,village sleuths go bananas over such,and they go on classifified mission to find the real deal, intel is obtained and within a 'naeka kichwa tu' minute,that bogus listing is ravaged,torn limb from limb and shot down......thats CSI my fren