How to avoid problems in church

As somebody who has been to lots of churches and have majority Christian friends grew up in a Christian household,went to exclusively Christian schools, and even had a househelp who was very worldly ,unfaithful to her husband but God changed her ,she even married in church -the same husband - and now has her own church to the glory of God,and I support many servants of God all over the country and plan to even finance Christian Tv that I find edifying with time. this is what I can say about how to avoid problems in church. First of all , where there is God Satan is never far off, most pastors begin well but ministry is very ,very challenging. On top of that if you are winning souls, you become a great concern and a primary target of Satan . So ni vita left,right and center . I have learnt to avoid being close with the pastor be it male or female. If you wanna give, do it anonymously,avoid situations where the pastor knows how much you give because thats not biblical , its only you and God who should know what you give -so no mpesa,no writting name on envelope,no pledging and no standing up to take money forward when certain amounts are being asked for, if you wanna serve, serve in the shadows, avoid limelight and being too close or too free with pastors , male or female. Once your pastor starts calling you at night just know boundaries have been crossed. Once your pastor is calling you regularly and you dont work in the church, boundaries have been crossed. I honor and respect all servants of God ,but I also never forget that theyre human and are prone to all issues that face humanbeings including temptations, financial needs and the propensity to abuse power. If a man can abuse the power he has over one wife and his kids , what about a man or woman who has thousands or even hundreds or tens defering to them? I have no qualms with those who support church work because if I or you were in the world ,we would be supporting the work of Satan in pubs,Sabena Joy and Sportspesa among other altars of evil. So hakuna ubaya in supporting God's work. Infact its needed.

I have experiences where God exposed to me many issues not just in pastors but in Christian brethren who are involved in the occult and bewitch and even kill others but attend church or staff fellowship and do look like Christians. A pastor may have fallen but if God reveals to you because many times Ive asked God for revelation and the person has told me things that expose the truth without even their realizing it. Even in secular deals God can make a person reveal themselves their true selves withoheir even realising it till its too late. But if you are too attached, then even if God reveals the truth to you , you will not remove yourself from a bad situation. So you must avoid attachment to personalities as tempting as it is because we are human and like attachment to physical rather than spiritual entity which we must operate by faith. Even if God reveals the truth about a pastor, and allows you to leave,leave quietly, dont talk about what God showed you because even in such churches God touches people who attend because He is merciful and knows human pastors are imperfect however God knows those who are there seeking God sincerely and does minister to those ones. So avoid acrimonious parting, leave as you would your own brother who has become a criminal, theyre still a brother so you will avoid drama and just leave quietly. If God closed all churches that are impure I can assure you maybe we will have a handful of churches left, so the goats and sheep will graze together till the end.Always let your primary relationship be with God , not a pastor or a bishop or a mentor. Have your relationship with God first. Bow to no man but only God so that you will worship nobody but God alone. Never kneel to anybody but God because God is a jealous God and His glory He will share with no man or woman.

In my walk with God, I have experienced many supernatural things that came directly from God not through a pastor. Sometimes a revelation can come from several people - just ordinary Christians not necessarily pastors. So I know God can heal you even with out a pastor praying for or with you. I have been ill and my best friend prays for me and I am healed. I have prayed for even muslim friends and theyre healed. Its just a matter of faith in God and praying in the will of God, sio lazima uwe Pastor ,all believers have the capacity its only that they dont exercise it. Even a very new believer in faith can defeat a serious prinicipality because theyre just calling on God ,its not them fighting the enemy it is God. God is not a respecter of persons, when I was in campus God taught me that, my friend was in suicidal depression ,we took her to all big pastors, in the end we prayed for her ourselves - campus students and she was healed miraculously. So I know God hears prayer from all believers, if Satan can get audience with God, what about a believer ,a child of God?

Unfortunately, majority Christians want to live a superficial life, engage in corruption and sin but still go give a pastor money to pray for them and this is the real genesis of all the problems we have of seed, I dunno paying for counseling /deliverance. And yes they can pray for you but some use witchcraft powers not God's powers and thats why they tell you about yourself in the same manner a witchdoctor would. A man of God does not need to tell you nitty gritty about your life, what for? If God exposes a witch to you , its so that you can pray maybe somebody theyve cast a spell of death on or to pray for their deliverance , not so that ukue na 411. So mambo ni mengi hapa nje and if you dont have a personal encounter and personal relationship with God you will worship leaders instead of God. And then where theres idolatry the devil is never far off. So even us let us help pastors by focusing on God because when we give them too much power , we end up corrupting them. A pastor does not need to tell you ,how many kids to have, who you should marry and such personal issues, thats between you and God. Let's avoid over relying on pastors coz we are also the ones who mess these pastors. Avoid being laid on hands because if the person is using powers from the other side atakusambazia. Learn to pray to God for yourself. God is very near, you dont have to jump thru hoops,sleep with pastors, pay for prayers to get a breakthrough just avoid sin and injustice and pray and listen to God ,He will provide all the divine connection to the right deals, the right friends ,right everything -you dont need all these shenanigans going on nowadays . And God is not complicated because God knows man's mind is finite so mambo mob sijui nunua hirizi - nunua maji-nunua annointing oil , do this,that and the other is for witchdoctors not God, God simplifies things because if He wants to complicate issues my frens nobody will manage. Keep It Simple . Because God knows everything and thats why you are seeking Him otherwise if you can sort your problem thru ur own devices -complicated rituals - why are going to God for help, si you sort yourself out then.