How to bookmark posts/threads on ktalk and how to access them


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If you come across a thread or comment that you like, you can bookmark it to be able to access it later even when using different devices/browsers. Hence you don't have to tag @Ice_Cube every time.

To do that just under every post there is a bookmark button/option. If you dont see it on mobile then set your phone to landscape mode


Tapping on it will give you an option to add some note to your post. Like if the comment is about an epic sweep @Phylgee gave Mathaais you can write that. This is because sometimes the post title might be about "How to fish Omena" but in the comments there is an epic sweep, hence adding notes help with organisation


To access your bookmark simply tap on your profile and you will see the bookmark list


Tapping on it will reveal your bookmarks in order of when you added them



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