How to Convert ktalk likes into cash.

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ktalk likes are what makes the rank in this village.
So, there is this discussion we've been holding with the admin, on how to remunerate the loyal ktalk villagers... This is just a tip of what's to happen on all the talkers payslip:
The village elder will get a basic pay of ksh.1345 per day.
The senior villagers will get a basic pay of ksh.967 per day.
The villagers will get a basic pay of ksh. 433 per day.
The new villagers will get a basic pay of ksh. 106 per day.
In addition to the basic pay, every villager will be entitled to a bonus according to the number of posts and likes he/she gets in a month and the number of hours he/she spends in the site.
so how will the village get the money to pay every villager.
The answer is simply Advertising. Big brands like their names to be seen everywhere.... So, like they do post adverts on billboards, streetlights and everywhere, they know not everybody is interested, but there's that someone somewhere who one day will be in need of the service: and he/she will remember the product.
Simple as such, we'll be posting adverts everywhere in the site...
But there's this basic requirement most of the potential clients been asking: The number of people in the forum. The number active people in the forum should be at least one million participants per hour...
To actualise the number of people needed, I came with this figure: six million registered users...which is..


I found this typed in the draft after a very shity not sure if its me who did it...but when I read it...i felt the need of sharing it out. By the way, maybe it can day maybe when we hit the one million members online...maybe it will happen. As for now, let's just swim in the illusion.


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infact i am just about to launch a private forum with a standard 100sh fee for every quarter of the year..that is a total of 400 per year...#nokidding
If the free is floundering about without members, who is going to give you 100 bob to come and write cotent for you that is forgotten in a day?
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