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  1. junkie

    junkie Village Elder

    Umeambiwa huko juu till number haina only pay bill and the normal send/withdraw options.
    Lakini huyo mboyz alikuwa negligent
  2. Yollo

    Yollo Village Elder

    Paybill zangu zote huniletea notification unless ni buy goods option ndio huwa inaenda direct
  3. Yollo

    Yollo Village Elder

    At the moment if you withdraw funds not belonging to you,your mpesa is blocked by safcom
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  4. holycow

    holycow Village Elder

    Iphone 6sPlus does score poorly in this sector. It treats Mpesa notifications as Class 0 messages. All i see is the senders name very briefly before a " Dismiss+Reply" menu shows up.
  5. slevyn

    slevyn Village Elder

    smart hiyo sports pesa thing means that hiyo pesa ilikuwa na posibility ya kugenerate lots of money so usishtuke akiuliza for millions problem ni safcom wako na highly intelligent legal team in the end this nigga will lose
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  6. Riddim

    Riddim Village Elder

    who is/are the owner(s) of this company?, asking for a neighbour
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  7. captain obvious

    captain obvious Village Elder

    According to this thread, it is owned by some tenderpreneur.
    @Fala 12 @cortedivoire and @muria.mboco seem to know more about its ownership.
  8. Riddim

    Riddim Village Elder

  9. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

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  10. muria.mboco

    muria.mboco Village Elder

    ningependa kusema mbele Ya mahakama kwamba Hii maneno
    Mimi nliskia pia...shahidi wangu ni @gashwin alieyeleta habari hizo katika kikao hiki
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  11. Riddim

    Riddim Village Elder

    @gashwin you have been "jointly and severally" mentioned.....
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  12. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    Waiting time should be one minute
  13. Makariosmzito

    Makariosmzito Senior Villager

    saf wako na hiyo capability ya kuclose hyo till no.so they shouldn't fool us #safniwezi
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  14. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    Unafaa ukumbuke pia Till numbers are beign operated by different companies (eg Kopokopo) yes they are owned by safcom but operated by someother niggaz
  15. Tronjan

    Tronjan Senior Villager

    with the sportpesa factor he is definitely eyeing the loss of the jackpot as part of damages suffered. however he is bound to fail since the jackpot win is never 100% guaranteed to one specific individual