how to hold a ktalk end of year party


Just a an idea on hi eminence @Okiya 's thread

@admin @Deorro @Electronics4u (ao wengine apan tambua )

The best thing you can do ni announce a venue where talkers will meet and only us talkers will be aware of a nice bar , inform the management to put a private party banner on the door . hire the place for the whole night . allow for talkers to wear mask ( if any one wants ) then talkers wakuje si lazima mtu ajitambulishe ni nani , watu wakuje wakunywe si lazima waongeleshane but atleast watakuwa wali ona nana . part of the place should be dimly lit . have some free drinks like 5 mzingas of jameson 9 mzingas of gilbeys 1 mzinga of legend (for @Fala 12 and other scoundrels ) 1 mzinga of moet (for @amun and @nairobilay but birioneas lazima waji introduce na wanunue mbuzi nne ) herbs za @Koolibah . the bar should be open for wale watu wa maringo na wanaotaka kujinunulia . wenye watataka kujitambulisha ni sawa wenye watalewa wajitambulishe ni sawa but ukiweka hio thread make sure umenyonga rights to see za anyone less than a VS . demakufuu akuwe kwa turn tables .

i can assure you 90% of talkers will show up . (nataka ni meet @aviator nakuwanga na fetish ya kumnyonya mahali )

Navy seal dryfry artist uncle uwes .


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It's a good idea ango. Let's do one and am sure anonymity will be long gone for some.. and several handles will be left at the venue. Let the place have quite a range of drinks for the different takers coz if you preserve too little meant for birrioneas..there may be a problem if silent ballers arrive first.. Remember we are all anonymous..well for at least an hour