How to kill sexual urge

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Hello talkers, so being the normal hot blooded man i normally get the urge to pound some pu**y hard, and i mean hard ;). Problem is i don't have a wife and i don't want to put myself under the risk that comes from engaging the services of a pokor, e.g kuekewa mchele, kupata ukimwi au magonjwa flani, a troubled mind and others. Wanking also seems to make this urge grow worse.So is there a way to kill this sexual urge temporarily, maybe a drug somebody can take that has no long term side effects.


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In my view it has a lot to do with self control, it first starts with the mind and keeping your self busy especially with out door activities.

And viewing sex as more than a pleasure activity :), the holy spirit helps alot
Jeeso! mahubiri asubuhi asubuhi hivi na vile kuna njeve!
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