How to knw who visited ua profile on Facebook

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1. Go to your facebook profile page.

2. Hit Ctrl + U or click the right
button on your mouse and select the
” View Page Source ” option.

3. Press Ctrl + F button, Now you able
to see a find box open.

4. Type in find box
” ordered_list.top_friends ” ( without
quotes ).

5.Now you are able to see a series of
Facebook Profile Ids.

1. These are the Facebook Profile Ids of your friends Who Visited Your
Facebook Profile Id.

The first facebook profile series is mostly visited your facebook profile and the last one hardly visit.

Now Copy the facebook profile id and
paste and open new tab
” and press enter to know who is it.
Example :–>

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Snap, this was an old thing right? Coz I remember this ish and I tried and.....well it worked only that later on people (don't know who exactly) claimed it was just a hoax coz the ids were just from the "friend list" appearance. And I see mark worked on that issue coz it's no longer visible ie, those Id's are now not seen.
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