How to make a woman stick to you like a tick

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How To Make A Woman
Stick To You Like A Tick
And Beg For Sex

1. Always be the solution to her

2. If you send her to do shopping never ask for change.

3. Always prepare her for sex in the first 15 minutes and wait for two minutes as you continuously suck her breasts.

4. Don't be so much available, also
give her freedom to do whatever she wants.

5. Never be too soft on her,women
hate men who behave like women.
You must look tough but not too harsh.

6. You should be ambitious in
whichever field you are.

7. Make sure you made love in your perfect mood and always make her

8. Smell good, be smart but never be too smart and too much organized. Women are the home makers and they hate men who do everything for themselves.

9. Don't be too predictable,
sometimes surprise her with gifts

10. Ensure you love her family and support her.

11. Don't always complain wherever
you see a problem, complain when

12. Be faithful to her.

13. Acknowledge her dressing and figure, make her feel she is
beautiful and trendy.

14. Be at your home in time even if you are a serial drunkard.

Buda ukifuata izo,kuma niyako kila siku.utakuwa unaingisha mpaka unaita jirani akusaidia kuingiza.
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