How @Uweskimwi's Troubles Began; Best Documentary I've Watched on Origin of HIV


Theuri wa kigogoine

This thing began in Africa maybe your ancestors were trying to breed with monkeys.Africans are a funny lot.
I don't buy this crap. If Africans slept with monkeys why do we not hear of such stories of someone found funding a monkey recently.
Atleast we have heard of goats and dogs from the shinny eyes.


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wangari maathai alisoma na hawa wazungu. amefanya research nao pia. so when she confidently said this thing was made in a lab, she must have been onto something.
@admin what is your job on this forum, youve allowed gtay stuff now it is animal sex, enough is enough ,am reporting this forum to DrMutua if you dont chuck that dog sex post. What on earth is wrong with you people. Youre now going too far