HP Z8 Workstation Desktop


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According to HP, the Z8 workstation is powered by dual Intel Xeon CPUs with up to 56 core processors and a whopping 3 terabytes of RAM...urm, that is 3,072 GB of RAM! The workstation can be equipped with three Nvidia Quadro p6000 graphics cards and it also has 48 terabytes of storage capacity to accommodate whatever the person wants to store.

The HP Z8 is powered by a monster 1,700 watt power supply and cooled by invective decting. The Z8 has 9 PICe slots that will help the user in utilizing cores. 7 of those PICe are full size and it has a dual Gig-E ports, support for dual M.2 SSDs for super fast storage, ten USB 3.1 Gen 2 type C port, and an optional thunderbolt 3 port.

Well for all these spec, you don't expect the Z8 to come that cheap! The Z8 price will start at $2,439 for the regular models while the top-end fully equipped ones will be priced in tens of thousands of dollars. The HP Z8 would suite 3D analysis, 8k video editing or heavy graphics work.

HP also launched other budget friendly Z series (Z6 and Z4) workstation for those that won't be going for the Z8 workstation. The Z6 which has a starting price of $1,919 can hold up to 348 GB of memory while the Z4 which has a staring price of $1,249 can take 256 GB of RAM and a single Xeon CPU.

The Z8 and Z6 are expected to be available in October while the Z4 is expected to be available in November.


This is for movie/game animators and such like. For those who want to compete with PIXAR. I presume it consumes the same amount of power as a small neighbourhood.

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