Humanity at its best

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Village Elder
"As the chairman of NCPWD one of the
major challenges facing my significant
constituent is public transport. We have
lobbied, we have complained and we have
scratched our heads due to this headache.
But at this point I wish to congratulate this
driver and his conductor who work in
Nairobi town -Kinoo.

Every single day they go to Westlands ,ABC
place to pick staff with disabilities from
their places of work and drive them to their
homes at normal bus fare rates.
This saves them the agony of crossing the
busy Waiyaki way and also saves them the
hassle of bus drivers leaving them stranded
at bus stops.It is great compassion and

I wish to request for more champions who
are in the matatu industry who will support
our journey in accessing public transport."

Picha zipo pia.
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