Hundreds Of Kenyans Crying Foul After Desks & Beds Tenders Become Nightmares


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Some greedy Kenyans even bribed gov officials to win the desks tender. There's a guy on NTV saying that he borrowed close to a half million shillings and placed his car as collateral, now the shylock wants to sell his car yet the government won't pay for the desks. The same case applies to the Kiambu guys making hospital beds.

It's better we plant trees allover Kenya turudi back to our natural habitat. Jungle.


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We work with what we got, ukililia media the only beneficiary ni wao juu ya views alafu you are stale news.

Cold society

Cheza juu

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Gava haina doh,wacheni kusumbua...priz be patient for parliament to resume,raise the Debt ceiling,we borrow,steal then the remainder we decide who gets paid and who doesn't


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Kawaida ya serikali ya Kenya,this issue needs to be sorted like yesterday

Ata new employees of govt huwekwa karibu 6 months before they get paid
Like Dr Stephen mugosu who died of covod19 b4 enjoying a single cent of his hard earned money

Top political offices, salaries, projects and intrests ndo hukua funded kwanza kabla ya nyinyi mafala wengine