Hurricane IRMA

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Viewing videos on damages caused by hurricane Irma in Florida and Caribbean islands, I cant imagine how Mombasa can survive such a catastrophe.

With substandard building infrastructures, 95% of the coastal town would be wiped out in less than 1 hour. Areas such as Kisauni, Mtwapa, Bombolulu, Likoni, Diani etc would disappear completely.

Indeed, Nature does not forgive..
Irma-damage-852505.jpg st-martin-irma-damage-aerial-gty-jef-170907_4x3_992.jpg maxresdefault.jpg Barbuda-Irma-Damage.jpg AD-Hurricane-Irma-Photos-02.jpg
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One thing: if such a thing was to happen in Africa, wacha Kenya, that could be close to extinction manenos juu hatuwezi survive. Another thing: I heard the mighty US has an agency that deals specifically with creation of man-made adverse weather conditions to be unleashed on enemy countries. Now, given that they brought down their own towers and killed several thousands of their good citizens so as to grab some oil in Middle East, could it not be possible too to unleash the same script ndo next uskie NK nuke sites are now under several metres of water some weeks later, ndo sasa US waingie huko with "aid"......ama namna gani wangwana...