Huyu ameshikwa

Tom Bayeye

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CCTV ikazimwa,mtu akatoka na aseme asitajwe,a rigor mortis under the bed,atoroke nairobi right after the murder for two years na hakuna mtu alisuspect a woman scorned,watu ya radio wakaklia hio story,apprehended 6 years later.............well.........


Village Elder
Can you please listen to her confession before commenting.

Are you serious? She said she put the girl's body under the bed in that lodging after strangling her. Where does a murder weapon come in here? I guess her corpse is still lying there, plus the dead girl's relatives never bothered looking for her, thinking she is on an extended vacation.

Think. Hapana tumia akili na kichwa kama kofia.
As dumb as they come.... six years sio six days bradhe!