Hypergamy - why it's necessary for women

OK. Lemme give a true story about a Kenyan woman. Came from top 1% families and went to the States for Uni. Obviously not every Kenyan who goes to study abroad is from a well to do family. She had a tough time meeting men though it's expected that there's better prospects abroad than locally for such debutantes particularly of Kenyan men of her class bcz whites rarely want to relocate and for her she wasn't planning on living there bcz unlike most Kenyans abroad she didn't need to work, she's an heiress so she had no incentive to stay there with the bad weather and racism. So she hooked up with a Kenyan, a medical doctor from a tribe with men with huge egos. So obviously he is enjoying the perks of being with an heiress. It was all daper till he knocked her up and dumped her. She came back briefly for a few years and went back leaving her baby to her mom. She met another doctor from same tribe but like the other brilliant but from a poor family. She's just glad to get someone with a semblance of class who will accept in spite of her being a single mother. They have 3 kids and after sometime she convinced him to relocate back. He gets a job at a hospital but isn't happy with the pay, it's six figures, he wants to start a private practice. He can't get approved by KMPDB, she used her connections to get him the approval and her money to set him up in a swanky practice. There are not as many clients as he expected. He shuts down rejects prospects for employment at a hospital and relocates back to the States, he moves in with someone there and never returns. The lady is left a single mother of 4 kids. She fell into severe depression was admitted for months abroad almost died but had to fight to stay alive for her kids. She is a shell of the woman she once was. Which could have been avoided if she never lowered her standards to begin with Ala the ends justify the means. Sad end of story but this is what happens when a woman tries to be the man in the relationship. The man takes advantage. The man feels emasculated. God knew what the hell He was doing when He made men the PROVIDER. If a woman does not want to suffer after doing a thankless job let her keep her damn money to herself. Its even better to be number 20 of a man who will be THE provider than being the one and only for a man you are providing for. Sad but true. It sucks to be with a man who cant do a damn thing for you except get you pregnant and be a pet to show off to people that you have a husband. When you know this is no man only a trophy bcz he is beneath you. Mary J Blige tried it. Ciara tried it with Future. They ALL lived to regret it. Stoop at your own risk. Whatever stigma you think you are escaping by dating or marrying down, will come back to humiliate you in the future. Learn from the mistakes of others. Never your own. It's too painful. I see this all the time especially with single moms bcz they've been so ostracized that they feel that they should take anything they can get and they should prove that they're worthwhile and that they're bringing something to the table bcz its a huge favor when they're a single mom the man did them to wife them. And I've seen them exploited ruthlessly and eventually kicked to the curb.After being used up. Being dumped together with their kids or for the kinder men at least they don't desert the kids. Just the mother. In life it pays to obey God's instructions. Let the men provide. Do not become the provider even if you own the entire world. Nobody respects and values what is given to them for no effort on their part especially not men. I know women want to help out and to be loved but love is equal to the man providing. Mary J Blige is now paying monthly alimony of 130 grand dollars and the exe wants more. So much for those love songs her exe used to be feature in.

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Black women have very limited choice in the dating market. The black woman is the only demographic no one wants. In the mating game, the white male is wanted by all women except black women who prefer black men. But black men prefer Whites/Asians/Latinos.