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Only a man can teach a baby boy howdy to be a man.. .so many ladies have argued saying they can teach a boy to be a man. What do you think? FB_IMG_1505247119787.jpg


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Problem would be if the mother is one of those slay queens whose sense of self is defined by the size of their ass and therefore they have to keep taking photos of themselves three times a day while making duck faces to remind themselves how hot they are. Thats where we have a problem because the boy will most likely learn how to make duck faces, pose like a slay queen, and basically be a little bi*ch.
But if the mother is like my late mum (MSRIP) a boy will grow up good.
Some people have fathers but those fathers aren't any useful in terms of teaching their sons how to be men (...or are actually bad examples of how to be men).

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women are more into emotional stuffs so its easy for them to tell a boy child of what women want therefore his gentleman-ship is already in high gear,


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I totally disagree.
A boy needs a male figure. Women can do a perfect job raising and providing for a boy but only a father is capable of teaching a boy manly responsibilities, guiding and guarding him as he does so.
Being a man is all about taking and managing risks.
Women cannot deal with risks so are incapable of teaching survival skills that come with being Male.
halafu those single mothers who seek recognition on Fathers Day for being "both a father figure & mother"...yeah right, like society owes you sh*t ?!

....niliwahi ishi place imejaa single mothers and they would literally beg me to atleast spare a Sunday afternoon to provide a male figure for their children....grease monkey/kucheza ball/cheki manenos etc.
Only a man can teach a baby boy howdy to be a man.. .so many ladies have argued saying they can teach a boy to be a man. What do you think? View attachment 129709
It really depends on your definition of "to be a man".
In my opinion, I believe that a woman can teach a man how to be a man. To start with, she probably has been with several men herself and knows a lot about men. I know of several single women who have brought up very successful sons. Sadly, on the other hand I've seen several men who failed their sons. It's a balance. I personally don't have a son, but I have girls. Would it be ok to assume that only my wife can teach them to be 'women'? Absolutely NOT. We both play equal roles (actually, sometimes I do better than she does- when I'm home with them they're very quiet, organized and do whatever that they're supposed to do). When she's home, sometimes it's chaos and she has to call me at work to talk to them.
Therefore, I believe that a woman can teach a man.
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