I give up!!

Every chic I think will be my first lady napata she already has a freaking baby!!:mad::mad:
Change your circle...remember the quality of women you meet is due to your connections and activities. Huwezi kua frequent visitor kwa gym, parent associations, mugithi pubs ama karaoke nights uexpect utapata a PYT!. Saa zingine jaza mafuta gari enda k.u omba namba ama enda vitu kama camps ama hiking zenye hakuna matha ako na mtoi atafika...

Change your strategy..

Azor Ahai

Neo Unplugged
1. Get in good physical shape.
2. Dress well.
3. Get your $$ right. A decent apartment and a vehicle will suffice. The car is important for logistics. You don't have to be a birrionea.
4. This part is important. Hang out at places where childless women are likely to be and be social. Examples include college cafeterias, swimming pools, career events, and clubs that are popular with college students. Usiende SJ or as someone said Mugithi and expect to find childless women. Young women frequent specific places and that's your hunting ground.

I know you are probably wondering, why do all those just to get a PYT? You can fail to do so and get lucky, but luck won't give you options. You need options, not relying on luck to get one clueless girl. Do those 4 things and report back in 6 months. Najua ni pressure ya Valentines imekushika lakini usijali.