I Had a very close shave yesterday...

Jana just like most Sundays I was gambling the little peasant savings I had on Sportpesa. The thing is am dating this uni classmate, the girl is 10/10 in every possible category. Needless to say it took pulling some tight strings to land this girl. When she is around I rarely stray as honestly speaking this is the type of mbich that satisfies you in most ways hadi you feel it's useless looking for other Kungurus.Well as you might know there has been a lectures strike this past month and she was ordered by her father kurudi ushagoo. That was over a month ago. Kitu 10 days in I felt the dry spell was just getting too real, the kind of dry spell that pushes you to desperation. (Like that guy from the thread wanking off to a chick in a bank!:(:D there is no way MadPhilosopher will allow himself to get to that point of desperation. Ndio huyo mimi got onto whatsapp and searched through my phone adress, Found this adulterous mbitch that I once fucked. Set up a date hapo keja and things were going well for the past month or so. Every 5 days hivi I will get my fix to keep my hormones under check. Well yesterday I had just picked up this Kunguru heading to my flat when I got a call, "guess niko wapi". It was the main girl and just from the excellent phone connection, I sensed she was back from Shagz and obviously in Nairobi. I make a u-turn loose the Kunguru and sprint to the flat. She was there waiting to "surprise me" Sheitan :D. Somehow MadPhilosopher nearly lost a lioness looking for a freaking egg  :D:D:D


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Decent rooms in our major towns and their suburbs cost from 1K. Add that to the 1 or 2 K 'Kunguru fees', lunch and/or drinks and maybe Uber ya to and fro. Boy child anapiga hesabu anaona kama mbaya mbaya.........
Kung'urus are expensive b.itches. If a must get a regular side dish. Its not like you want to marry the hoe. Its just convenience an reliability. She knows you are not dating. Uber sawa. Outing apan tambua sijui drinks ya 8 soc. The local can do.


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The problems to these arrangements are brought about by leaving gray areas. The rule is make it VERY clear from the word go what you are looking for. Doesn't work ? Next. Till you find what you want.
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