I had to remix this one..

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Village Elder

1..I luv u dear (Hubby)

2..Can i take u out tonite? (EX)

3..I always feel bad when I see u with another man (CEO)

4.. Sweetie don't forget d trip (MD)

5..Darling, av u seen d credit I sent u? (Collins)

6..Honey, I will do whatever it takes just for u to be by my side (Evans)

7..Consider it done (Senator)

8..Baby, check ur a/c bal and call me back (Chairman)


1..UR data bundle will soon expire (Safaricom)

2..Hey dude, give me a break! I told u am married (Jane)

3..Don't dare call me again, cheat (Patricia)

4..Am warning u, let this month not be a story telling event like the last 3 months (Landlord)

5..Please pay your Okoa Jahazi debt of Kshs 20 (Safaricom)

6..My son, how are you? send money quick, njaa itatumaliza (Mama)

7.. I am in the hospital, pls send Kshs 120,000 quick quick for appendix operation or u can keep and use it for my burial (Papa)

8..I av nt seen my period for 3 weeks (Neighbour's daughter).

9..Please call me (small bro).
Not open for further replies.

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