I happened to come across this today...

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Seems Nairobi prostitution has gone digital... I can't imagine MUTU kujianika kwa mtandao hivi hata kama ni pesa... Even eti gang bang party @5k.. This must be the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

NB.. This post is for information only & by no way am I encouraging the vice nor promoting the site.

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those photos are not of the real ladies behind the phone numbers, otherwise you'll go to some guest house hoping to find this fine yelo yelo curvy momo only kupata demu amechapa mbaya kisha unapomuuliza where's the lady appearing on the photo? Anakwambia "huyo ameenda na client lakini hata mimi pia naweza kufanyia!" Ni urongo mtupu, nkt!!!!
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