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Negro kill yourself! You still use FLASH. The only Flash I acknowledge is Barry Allen. HTML5 FTW! Stop watching Shockwave flash porn.
Some things better left unsaid my guy

Who said anything about any of that.

You kill yourself and gobble a bag full of dicks if you think I'm gonna have a conversation with you about html and flash


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I never Google anything. Just the other day I f*cked some random chic and since the plastic ban was approaching the reality..nkasema mapema mapema nianze practice ya kuenda raw. So the whole night jagger is a happy man but after two days I start feeling a burning sensation/itching when passing urine. I consult the woman ananiambia apana yeye ako sawa. Shait!
Those in the medical field and I know somthing about normal flora..viruses n bacteria that help fighting pathogens in our bodies and they themselves don't harm the individual..and if am not wrong, I think the vag*na has alot of them and their strength and reactions vary from one to the other.
Baaas! Whoever said I ain't a genius must be shaming by now..coz I just organised a coital session with another momo of mine na nkamake sure nmemwaga ndaaani na kukaa for two minutes still ndaaani. Hehee am about to publish this discovery coz I think whatever was itching my rod was properly dealt with na saa hii ata kunyoora ni kila saa just to confirm if I need some more treatment.
Good thing I know something that Google won't tell you.. that the treatment of anything from a vag.... is in the next.
Again, this world has very special people.


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So It all started with a mild headache the rocking verigo[dizziness]. At first I used some pain killers but it got worse and I went to hospital and was given some strong antibiotics. These did help a little but the problem persisted. I returned to the hospital and was given a different antibiotics. This didnt help so i decided to consult Google. All my symptoms pointed to a brain tumor. So I knew my life was over and i waited for severe symptoms such as stroke etc. I had already started saying bye to my loved ones. So a week ago I decide to go back to hosi. The doctor sends me to an optician. He does some tests and tells me that I am photophobic and it has the same symptoms am having. Like wtf I thought I was gonna die, f**k GOOGLE. I got some glasses and now the symptoms have reduced. Never will i ever google my symtoms Again, FU GOOGLE.
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Enda ufanyiwe CT scan and stop jumping into conclusions.


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Hii issue yako pia wifey alikuwa nayo. Google na doc mwingine fala akatuweka wasi wasi ilibidi tuende hosi ingine tufanye emergency ct scan. Kumbe mtu ako tu sawa na vile nililipishwa double ili nipate results immediately. Kama si doc @Luther12 apana tambua. f**k google