I have no faith in DCI, EACC, ODPP and Judiciary

I see people here celebrating the arrest of Rotich and the likes. Me i will not bother celebrate anything. This is just pure PR and acts of charade. When was the last time top political leaders were convicted of crime in Kenya. Obado murdered a young guy and he is busy running govt and receiving intelligence reports, 5 cabinet ministers were sacked in Uhuru first time and to date no word has been heard of their corruption cases, what happened to NYS suspects, Rio Olympics saga, Health scandal, death of IEBC IT manager has it ever been resolved? If there is anything one can call this bodies other than pure incompetence i would love to know. Uhuru is very incompetent and corrupt and so is Ruto, Raila, Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Wetangula, Peter Kenneth and even the most praised Matiangi who looted the govt through Ruaraka land scandal where the govt bought a land from itself for 1.5 billion. Mind you these are our likely leaders 2022 going forward whether we like it or not. I am certain majority of Kenyans will vote for them. Me i have lost hope in the Kenyan leadership for the next 10years or so. I will be just watching and waiting to see if some miracle happens or God remembers us on this. I will just do my work as a political analyst in this forum. If anyone wants to brand me a supporter of who, as I analyze politics and so..... through my political analysis skills .. I won't give a damn to it at all.
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