I stand with Boychild


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Baldhead slayqueens will drink your
money, Go to the toilet, put on a wig,, and join another table in the same club.. Saitan. But boychild will emerge strong
unasema hivo na kuna base siwezi kanyaga because of 'slayboys'.

"wa wa wa buda nishikie moja sijakuona siku mingi. Basi leta hata ashu."

And the guy is over 30 and talks the same way he did in 2005.


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What boychild needs to do is be more careful with his money/resources. Any slay queens will f**k off once they realize hautoboki. You remain with quality non materialistic women. Being stingy will only attract women who truly love you, not your cash/resources.
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Another Boychild Activist!
Let me make this clear, my aim on these streets is to make a post, whether or not you disagree with it is surely non of my business.
No one pays me for what I write and so I'll continue to express myself with the seriousness it warrants.
That said, I think something is wrong with some of our ladies. And I'm using the word some. They have been programmed to think that immediately they fall in love with a guy, then all their bills have to be catered for.
Try to imagine this, in a campus relationship, a lady probably comes from a rich background than the guy, and probably receives a lot of money from her parents - yet the guy who comes from a less fortunate background has to pay for the bills of this lady simply because they're in 'romantic relationship.'
What happens to our ladies, that immediately they fall in love with a guy they become "orphans?"
Is it because they've been fed with toxic 'inspirations' from feminists like Caroline Mutoko?
You see, Michelle Obama, FLOTUS and Harvard Law grad says; "If your family doesn't have much money, I want you to remember that in this country plenty of folks including me and my husband started out with very little but with a lot of hard work and a good education everything is possible - even becoming president. "
Yet toxic feminists like Caroline Mutoko will tell you that your 20s are too short to be spent with a struggling broke young man. That you should find some octogenarian somewhere to buy you designer heels, expensive weaves and pay you rent in some apartment in Kileleshwa.
Ladies, there's nothing as good as struggling with your boyfriend and growing together to riches. Such that your boyfriend will someday say, 'She helped and lifted me up when I was down.'
Remember, how fast you progress financially as a man depends with the woman on your side, a good woman is an investment, a bad and toxic woman is an expense.
Just last week I cut off a relationship with some lady. This is the lady who I've paid outrageous bills for and has never bothered to send me a 'thank you' text when she reaches home.
Send your mum that extra money, your sister, brother and cousin. Don't bother paying bills for the ungrateful.
And as usual, I'm not seducing your feelings so that you agree with me. In any case, I don't want anyone to agree with me. My aim is to send a message whether it's taken or not is again non of my damn business!