I Think I love Cortana, She Will win me over to Windows 10

Do you think Windows 10 Will be worthy the wait?

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I got a chance to take Windows 10 consumer preview for a spin (am still using it now) and I think it is lovable. It is not as different as Windows 8 or 8.1. It has the Windows that make it a true Windows OS. It is fast and keeps its backprocesses to the minimum meaning you have more of the processor and RAM to yourself.

And then there is Cortana. She is a powerful voice driven control feature that lets you interact with your computer by voice. She is responsive and intelligent and almost always listened to me. What amazes me is the ability to put together different aspects of your computer to make your experience easier. She is a true Virtual Assistance

Read this for a full review based on my Experience with the Windows 10 technical preview
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