18+ I think my teenage son may have sodomized our Dog..


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So, I'm not even sure how to start here. The last couple of weeks my dog (7 year old lab) has been acting noticeably different. I guess I could describe it as "distant" and even depressed. He is normally an extremely outgoing and happy dog, very playful and energetic etc. But starting about 2 weeks ago he started acting very withdrawn and nervous around people, even his own family. At first I kind of brushed it off as feeling under the weather, but after about a week and a half I decided maybe he needed to see a vet.

I got him in yesterday and after an examination the vet told me that he believes the dog has been sodomized. His anus had slight damage in a way that was consistent with that sort of thing. He said he can't really imagine that his injuries could have come about any other way. So already now I'm pretty upset and sort of freaking out. Who would do this sort of thing to a dog?

I thought about all of the people that had access to the dog and my back yard. Garderners crossed my mind, my neighbors, etc. The only people that live in the house are my wife, myself, and our teenaged son. I came home and thought about it for a while. I had this really ugly sinking feeling in my stomach about the possibilty that it could have been my son. I decided to look around his room.

I didn't really know what I was expecting to find, and I didn't really find anything in there that screamed guilty, until I decided to check his browser history. I found he had been on a beastiality forum recently and a site with pictures of that sort of thing. I felt like I was going to throw up.

Now I know that this isn't definitive proof of anything, but it sure doesn't look good. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced my son has been sodomizing our dog. I haven't told my wife yet or done anything about it. I have NOT left him alone with the dog since. I am totally confused and upset and don't really know how to proceed with this.

KenyaTalk, please, please help!

TL;DR Vet says my dog has been sodomized, found some suggestive bestiality material on sons computer, suspecting my son sodomized family dog.

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