• Happy New Year, and Wishing You A Productive 2021

I Will pay


Village Sponsor

Give him a packet of Tuzo long life milk,
And the small bottle of JIK
The balance of 5 Bob,
Give him a lollipop.


Give him "Softcare" Pamper,
Kshs 100 Safaricom Bamba,
and 1KG of Basmati rice,
Reminder: Pamper should be of medium size.


Give him the small Movit Hair styling jel
Wrap for him the change very well.


Give him 1 Litre Fanta orange soda,
Kshs 10 give him Mara Moja,
A half litre salad cooking oil,
And Kshs 5 mosquito coil.


Give him Festive brown bread,
and Gillette razor blade.


Give him 4 satchets of Nescafe,
and two freshly baked Queen cakes,
Note: If not fresh, just leave.


Give him the following items,
Five 120 pages exercise books, 1 HB pencil and two sharp-pointed biro pens,
2KG of Pembe Maize flour,
1KG of Brown sugar,
1 packet of salt,
Will sort you by 5th. I won't default.


Village Elder
...and you think arror will make things better in 2022. Si angekupatia wheelbarrow ufanye nayo side haso.

Henyway, atleast 70% of kenyans tuko in the same boat. Kazana ndugu...