18+ I wish I knew.


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it's most likely not yours just your turn. (take your slice and move) si sabuni itaisha

in matters of SEX and PROCREATION, the woman decides whos the ALPHA.

Women love and crave sex more than men. (so don't see them in long loose skirts and Kamisi and thing they don't have sex)

before you commit, take a look at sites like badoo, tinder, telegram, chartubate, kenyatalk... and see if she belongs to the "street". doesn't matter if she speaks in tongues or goes to church every day.
Seeing as most of you are senior elders here, the young ones need lessons into life. What lessons on women can you share with us.

Because hii Nairobi nimeona mengi, that can drive a person insane.

We move on irregardless.
As an elder, I want to plead with you seniors and villagers that shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka pekee. Don't be told


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for a new woman you want to nail down and wife, keep texting less, the third text message in a conversation you should be about setting up a meetup date. endless texting early on in a friendship is a gateway to friend-zoning, every word she says is almost always a shit test. if she insists, ring her up and speak voice -over, that way you can judge her interest level from the tone
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women f**k the man they want to keep even on the first date if she is not fucking you, she has sized you down and you are not her desire. move on... Make your "evil" intentions known early on... that's if fucking is considered evil, saves you lots of time, kataliwa mapema...
Hii iongezewe volume.