IEBC puts off meeting with presidential candidates


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The circus continues.

Its his fault, how can you set a meeting and time for the President without consulting State House. He has a full calendar already. Then you don't summon the President, he summons you. You don't meet at IEBC offices but State House or Office of the President at Harambee house. Lastly State House will decide the attendants of the meeting. For now President Uhuru will be represented by DP Uncle Ruto at any IEBC meeting for now as directed.


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I think that was the signal, the man might resign now and mention that he did not get support from the political players, lakini he will miss out on a lot, I am assuming if one resigns hata benefits hakuna.

Kivuitu alijaribu,


Chebukati should do his job and stop the dialogue sideshows. He has the workforce and the resources (10+ billion has been spent). Let the courts deal with those that want to subvert the process.