IEBC turns to UN agency to deploy poll gadgets


Village Sponsor
But I thought the elections were free and fair and everything was okay.
  • IEBC says United UNDP will finance the procurement under a partnership
  • The IEBC is awaiting Treasury’s advice on the UNDP deal
  • Chebukati says move is meant to ensure integrity of the system
  • The Supreme Court annulled the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta on September 1, and ordered a repeat election within 60 days.


Hata spectator international ikipewa ifanye elections huyu mzee hawezi kubali ameshindwa. Kwa maisha hakuna short cut na anafaa ajue hakuna mkate nusu, hata slice moja hakuna. Akitaka kuingia statehouse akuje grassroot aombe kura.


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Na buttscratcher si ata shikwa na depression
Hehehe. We know Babuon is already stressed coz he can't win the elections, he knows he has no numbers. Hence the delaying and diversionary tactics he's using now to ensure there is no election. To him it's either he wins or no one wins. I lose everyone loses.