If men did right by women feminism would not exist


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I often laugh when I hear women like our resident sugar mummy decry feminism as evil. Yet everything they enjoy came about as a result of the demonized feminism. Madam you could not be able to marry yourself a wife because if not for feminism you would have been married at 10 years old after being circumcised. You would be a mother of 10,broke, busted and disgusted. You would never have left your village let alone gone to the USA, you would not be able to vote, own property or be able to travel, you would not be able to get credit, drive, open a bank account or even vote.

WOMEN who hate on feminism are like the child who grows up and becomes a big shot and then deny and despise their own parents, looking at them as old and haggard no longer of their class. They then get high class wife and forget their parents back in shags. Usitukane wakunga na uzazi ungalipo ladies.

This movement called feminism is why you are where you are. You may not agree with everything like **** rights and sex positivity and legalization of prostitution but you can't deny feminism has brought so many positive things to the lives of women. We have freedom to choose if we will get married, who and when to marry, where we want to live, how many children to have or not to have. We now have the power to choose the course of our lives.

Equity is the word not equality because men cannot have periods, get pg, gestate for 9 months, breastfeed for a year, use toxic family planning, raise children from helpless infants and many others. So you can not be equal to a person who is different. What you can achieve is equity. The way we put ramps for disabled people who can't climb stairs. We won't tell them, si mnataka equality hayaa basi pandeni stairs kama watu wengine.

I thank feminism for enabling me to study to the highest level. To be economically independent and to be able to chart the course of my life and reject anything that does not empower me and add value to my life. I thank feminism for the power to live anywhere in the world I wish. I thank feminism for liberating me from the shackles of servitude to brutal men in the guise of marriage. I thank feminism for bringing me closer to God and enabling me to live an upright life that I am at peace with and that honors God. If I could not go to school or work I would have had to prostitute myself to survive, which doesn't reflect the dignity of God and the tenets of my faith.

I've said before that my worst nightmare is to one day wake up to find myself changed into a man. Being a man is hard and I thank God every day I wasn't born a man. I honestly feel sorry for men. The same way I may feel sorry for the kids who are from elite families whose superior status in society ends up destroying them. I love being a woman. I have never regretted being a woman other than when I have PMS. Everything else about womanhood I love. I love it so much that I don't even wear trousers bcz I want to be as far away from masculinity as is humanly possible. I actually see women as superior and as highly blessed and favored by God. Btw today is a day to celebrate great women inventors, politicians, scientists and activists.

We know. what you are saying in soooooooooooooo many words.

If men just shut the fvck up and at all times strived and slaved away and attended to women's whims [and slaved so very happily whilst thanking the heavens for the chance to do it]. There would be no need for feminism.
I often laugh when I hear women like our resident sugar mummy decry feminism as evil. Yet everything they enjoy came about as a result of the demonized feminism.
:D:D Lies. Even simple shit like women's suffrage was granted to women by men. And there is a good reason why women did not automatically have that right at that time.

Ati how? Well, here is how. For women to have the right to vote, the law had to be amended. Amended by whom? Amended by congress, in the case of the US. And how many women voted for the law? NONE. Because there were no female ...congressmen :D:D

How about the married women's property act in england in 1882? How did women fight for it? ...anyone?


Well it was because men ...yes, MEN, who sat in the british parliament passed that act.
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Feminism and God, any relationship between them? The feminism that's prevalent is war against men for trifling reasons, not a quest for equity.


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What part of it is a war against men? Child support and alimony payments?
Child support is obviously not wrong when it helps the kids. Radical feminism taints feminism itself. It's about spreading open hate for men, who are also God's creation. I recall some wanting to even alter the Bible just to feminize God.